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oakland coliseum. same story. 4:29 let's head back to claudine. happening right now in some stores black friday shopping is in full swing but not every retailer is open just yet. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge is live at the westfield mall in san francisco where the doors are set to open in 30 minutes. how are things looking? >> reporter: things are already busy. a lot of black friday shoppers got up early this morning or possibly stayed up. it's a little unclear. but you can see huge crowds out here. we are in front of westfield san francisco center. right on market street. and actually this line we are showing you here is to get inside the abercrombie and fitch store. folks have been waiting out here far long time. the deal is once the store opens everything inside is 50% off. obviously that will draw quite a crowd. folks have been camped out here overnight. we talked to some of them. they tell you it's worth the wait. how long have you been waiting?
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>> three hours. >> reporter: all right. not too bad right? >> uh-huh. because i have nothing to do. >> reporter: worth it to get up this early? >> definitely. >> reporter: you deal it more for the deals or thrill? >> a little bit of both. being around the environment. i feel up too even though it's late night. i definitely did want to buy some clothes. >> reporter: so as we come back out here live again this is a huge crowd outside of the amber a.m -- abercrombie and fitch store. westfield shopping center they open their doors up at 5:00 this morning. they have a big day planned. they will have performances by circus olay inside the store. we'll be here.
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for now we are live alex savidge. just hours ago a week long wait finally came to an end for people who camped out at best buy stores around the bay area. that was midnight as best buy opened their doors. many people who lined up said they were trying to get their hands on a $180 40-inch television and a $200 laptop. >> always come to best buy and always spend a nice little amount of money and always save more than i spend. >> the electronic giant also offered details on iphones, video games, and dvds. and take a look at this line of cars leading to the fuzz pa are ragon outlets. and as you can see that turnout was huge and did create a significant backup. with the long lines came angry tempers. coming up at 4:45 we will show
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you what caused one shopper in sacramento to get violent and why some say more needed to be done to keep shoppers safe. workers at walmart stores in the bay area walked off the job before the holiday rush. it's part of a nation-wide protest. in san leandro the community joined them. they want the company to pay better wages. >> i they are paid to do a job. if they want more, get a different job. that's what the job pays. that's what it is. >> protestors are expected to be at several bay area walmart stores throughout the day handing out fliers to shoppers. picketers are also planning to protest outside of sam club stores. ? over night new -- in overnight news gunfire erupted at a nightclub.
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around 12:45 this morning marin county authorities received calls of shots fired. the fight started inside the club when it spilled into the parking lot the gunfire started. two people were hit and taken to marin general hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> we basically were able to lock down the entire parking lot. it was fortunate enough there was only a few areas out of the parking lot. we were able to lock it down real quickly and identify most of the people we don't believe many people would have gotten out. >> two people were detained at the scene. police also recovered several firearms. happening right now pg&e working to repair a downed power line that caused a small fire and left residents in the dark. smoke came from the power pole just after midnight near mission san jose high school. crews had to spray water on the backyard of a home to prevent
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it from catching fire. pg&e is hoping to restore electricity by 9:30 this morning. a cap pain was rushed to -- a captain was rushed to the hospital after a fire. janine de la vega. >> reporter: i just spoke with firefighters who are here on the scene. they tell me that fire captain does have actually some serious injuries. they have been here all night watching this building just to make sure that nothing sparks up here. it's pretty dark but much of this building was damaged. it has left nearly 20 people homeless. the fire started around 8:20 last night on willow leaf drive when firefighters arrived flames were shooting from the roof of this six unit complex that turned into a three alarm fire. some residents had no idea their building was on fire until neighbors pounded on their door. firefighters doused the flames with water from outside and inside. during the attack one
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firefighter got injured. >> unfortunately we did have a firefighter that was doing interior attack. they did have the roof collapse partially on him. >> reporter: and we just got word again that fire captain does have serious injuries. it appears he does have a broken neck. the flames and water destroyed four of the town homes in the complex. in all 18 people were displaced on thanksgiving night. they did have the red cross come in to help. investigators were on the scene and found someone had it will a fire in the fireplace but at this point they are unsure if that was the cause of the blaze. something else that happened one of the owners could not find their cat but firefighters told me they were able to find the cat and reunited the cat with its owner. reporting live janine de la vega. the final traffic numbers won't come in until next week but it has been a deadly start to the long holiday weekend.
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two lake county men died when they crashed into another vehicle. three people in the other car including a 12-year-old girl were hurt. the girl was air lifted to uc davis medical center. she has since been discharged. meanwhile on the first day of the holiday weekend the highway patrol has already busted more bay area drivers for dui than last year. they made 508 arrests -- 50 arrests wednesday. but state-wide the number of arrests went down 262 people were arrested wednesday. that is compared to 267 last year. not much traffic out there right now. although some people out headed to shops. tara moriarty in for sal this morning. how is it looking? >> that is right your freeways are pretty clear. as you saw during alex's live shot a lot of people hitting the malls for those big door buster sales. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. 80 westbound looks good.
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and up next you can see the bay bridge toll traffic slowing pretty nicely into san francisco. and up left we have 280 in san jose. kind of the same story all around here. not too many folks out there and awake. here is steve. >> tara, thank you. a very good morning. not any fog yet. we're waiting. the temperature and the dew points are very, very close. there is fog out to the valley. few high clouds and pretty strong system to the north. by this time next week it looks like rain, rain, rain. until then and into the weekend it looks good. 30s and 40s. look at that fairfield 38- degrees. concord is in there. livermore. 46 in oakland. 40 antioch. it's pretty cold out toward antioch. you can see everything moving north. it's going to deflect everything to the north. mostly sunny. higher clouds north bay. patchy fog. maybe a little haze starting to
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settle in. 60s on the temps if you enjoyed yesterday although many of you maybe didn't get off the couch. today would be a good day to get out. because that would be you ron. looks nice today. mild to warm into saturday. pretty good on sunday. increasing clouds tuesday and the end of next week looking very wet. 4:38. snow is coming to marin. it's all part of the parade of lights and winter wonderland in san rafael that gets under way at noon. a holiday marketplace will be open from noon until 8:00 p.m. and the friday of lights starts at 5:30 followed by a tree lighting ceremony with santa. chris may will perform at macy's tree lighting ceremony. the 80-foot tree has 30,000led light -- 30,000 led lights.
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new developments from the middle east. a deadly gun battle overnight along the israel-gaza border. how it could effect the cease fire agreement between the two sides. and it's the black friday deal that is too good to be true. the fake offers claiming to be from target that you will want to avoid. and here's a look at the san mateo bridge. you can see everything is flowing very nicely. we'll have much more traffic ahead.
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good morning. couple upper 30s. but mainly mostly clear right now. it will be another nice day. a few high clouds to the north overall. very close on the temps. 60s. in overnight news taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide car bombing in eastern afghanistan. at least two people were killed. 60 others were hurt. the taliban says the attack was in response to the recent execution of four taliban
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prisoners at the main detention center in kabul. the cease fire between israel and gaza appears to be holding despite new violence overnight. early today thousands of supporters marched in gaza city celebrating the end of the eight-day conflict. hours later israeli troops killed one palestinian man and wounded several others. however both sides call it an isolated incident that won't jeopardize the cease fire. a mass protest is being held in cairo, egypt right now. it's all in response to a controversial political power play by president mohammed morsi. he has issued a decree that pars the court system from overruling its decisions. morsi's critics are outraged. as we just told you holiday shopping is in full swing but in sacramento there were some very tense moments for shoppers.
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as you can see those cameras were rolling when one k-mart shopper threatened to stab others were they shoving to get into the store. businesses are experiencing a rush in shores today making it a prime time for criminals to slip counterfeit bills at the register. the long lines and slammed clerks -- ticket authorities slim a counterfeit bill into their stack of cash and employees hardly notice with the surrounding chaos. they say if the bill feels different it is probably fake. a lot of people are looking for a deal this black friday but there is one that just may be too good to be true. the better business bureau is warning about text messages that offer up to $1,000 gift cards to targets and other major stores. recipient is instructed to go to a website to claim it where they are asked to enter their address, date of birth, and
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other personal information. >> that is where so many people get their personal information compromised. >> target says it only sends customers coupons to their phones. anyone who receives any suspicious text messages are advised to delete those right away. the cash strapped u.s. postal service is hoping to start its same day delivery service just in time for the holiday season. the program is called metro post and starting december 12th san francisco will be the first city to test the program that will provide same day delivery for online purchases with a $10 delivery charge. if it's successful, the program could expand to other big cities next year. police warn a service that is supposed to deter criminals could be attracting them. putting a hold on newspaper and mail deliveries common for people leaving town but now at walnut creek police warn criminals may have access to those vacation hold records from the contra costa times and
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could be using that information to target homes. >> i had actually thought of that, that it kind of the same with the mail if you stop it that it kind of broadcasts you're beginning to be gone. and they know the start dates and end dates. >> now authorities are looking into the issue but say as an alternative consider having your mail collected and your newspapers collected by your neighbor while you're out of town. oakland police warning drivers about a series of smash and grab break ins. woke up to smashed car windows yesterday. you can see the glass on the ground there and inside you can see that dash board just ripped apart of that suv. in all five vehicles were hit. so far police have not made any arrests. the city of walnut creek makes strides in approving a downtown development. plus more parking. coming up at 5:06 how it plans
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to create a pedestrian friendly environment. a few hours from now san francisco glide memorial church will be serve its annual day of thanksgiving breakfast. yesterday thousands of people were treated to warm meals of turkey and all the traditional thanksgiving fixings. this morning glide will serve up more meals to keep that holiday spirit going. breakfast is set to begin at 7:00 a.m.. and it is time to go through your closet. take ktvu annual warm coat drive that begins today. you can drop off items at four locations. familiar faces from ktvu will be online at that site. 4:48. we have seen the long lines going into stores but how are the roads looking? tara is in for sal. >> so far so good.
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there were quite a few folks on the bay bridge. people getting a jump start on that shopping. let's take a live look at 101 through san francisco. you can see traffic on the right hand side there southbound as you make your way toward sfo looking good. and in milpitas we have 237 on the right hand side there westbound traffic as you drive toward sunnyvale no delays. finally at the mccarthur maze you can see traffic on the for right hand side of your screen as drivers make their way to the toll plaza. you can see there are no delays there. so far so good. let's check in with steve. all right tara, thank you. well kind of cold. travis by the way fairfield 38- degrees. a little north wind at 8 means windchill is 32. for some it's cold. santa rosa is 39. concord 39. higher clouds stays to the north. you can see a lot of low 40s. mid 40s but even san jose is
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44. right now everything stays up and over going into the pacific northwest. i think we are good by monday and tuesday. things start to fall apart a little bit. everything looks good. mostly sunny a few high clouds to the north. maybe a little haze. once any breeze calms down there is not much. a little bit on the coast and higher elevations. 60s on the temps. it looks like a nice day. we'll have upper 60s for some. mid 60s for others. all the way down through santa cruz and gilroy one of the few checking in. looks good into the weekend. maybe a little cooler sunday and monday. claudine. ) your time is 4:50. at least two people are dead. as many as 90 in the hospital. what authorities are blaming for a massive pileup involving more than 100 cars and trucks on a texas freeway. and headed to court what fans of a controversial
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comedian pat williams want in return for his bizarre behavior at a bay area show.
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thick fog is being blamed for a massive pileup on a texas freeway. the accident left cars and trucks twisted on top of each other with rescue crews rushing
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to pull out survivors. investigators say two people were killed and up to 90 transported to hospitals. the crash happened at 9:40 yesterday morning but it wasn't clear until eight hours later. many shoppers will be wearing plaid. it's all part of an event asking shoppers to patronize local businesses. the broadway shuttle will also be free. and if you have to go to work today, you can still get shopping in this weekend. tomorrow has been designated small business saturday. the event is organized by american express. customers who enroll their american express card and spend $25025 or more at participating mer channels will get a $25 credit. american express says $100 million people across the nation took part in small business saturday last year. in oakland one 17-year-old is taking action trying to gather support to make piedmont
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one with the city of oakland. noah goldstein and his friends are calling it the liberate piedmont. the wealthy community of piedmont has 11,000 residents and believed to be the only city in the nation that is located entirely within another city. piedmont needs top share services and resources but piedmont's mayor told the chronicle residents like their city as it is. some irate bay area fans of controversial comedian cat williams are taking him to court. thousands of people attended his comedy show last friday night at the oracle arena but a class action lawsuit accuses williams of bizarre behavior such as confronting a heckler trying to fight three audience members, and bolting from the stage after ten minutes. the suit says audience members deserve their money back and
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names williams and the promoter live nations. neither defendant has commented publicly. and you can catch the world series champions the san francisco giants for as little as $8. single game tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning. you can buy them online or at giants dugout stores. if you buy tickets at at & t park stores. oakland a's in april cost just $5. it seems like a pretty good deal. 4:54. one last check of traffic with tara. good morning, claudine. still clear. we're looking at this black friday morning so far so good. nothing popping up on the chp so that is good news. this is 680 at sunol grade. no reports of any delays. 880 in oakland you can see traffic cruising by the coliseum there. no problems to report. and finally at the golden gate bridge a little foggy but not too bad as you make your way into san francisco this
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morning. 4:55 here is steve. a little cool for some. cold for others. upper 30s and 40s. everything says mostly sunny. storm track jet stream stays to the north. the patchy fog is mainly confined out to the valley and confirmed. some of that will start to pop up north bay and east bay. temperatures and dew points are very, very close. if you have any travel plans out toward sacramento or the delta be advised it can be very thick. friday, saturday, and sunday mild to warm. that sun about 4:00 does et drop fast or what. you can see where all the cloud cover is heading. 40s for some. 38 fairfield. that puts the windchill down there at 32. that will cut right through you. other locations are not that bad. most locations have a calm condition on the breeze. expect for those higher clouds everything says mostly sunny and a little hazy around the edge here. a few high clouds off to the north maybe patchy fog.
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that will form between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning. 60s though. very close again. everybody is in the same ballpark. this is one of the patterns it's about the same in the city as it is out toward brentwood and antioch. mild to warm with your weekend always in view looks good always way into sunday and maybe monday a little cooler. tuesday increasing clouds. rain into next week. >> thanks. a new jersey roller coaster knocked into the atlantic ocean by super storm sandy may live on a tourist attraction. seaside heights mayor says the decision hasn't been made whether to tear down that roller coaster. the coast guard is look into whether it's stable enough to stay in the sea. he believes tourists will flock to see it. demolition crews have already removed the town's damaged board walk. holiday violence in marin county overnight. gunfire erupts outside of a san rafael nightclub. also black friday has finally arrived. this is a live look at the
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crowds outside the westfield shopping mall in san francisco. the doors open in just minutes. w
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black friday shoppers

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